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Sharing seeds we grow and everything we know!

Organic gardening is easier and more abundant for gardeners in short seasons with Fruition’s organic, regionally adapted seed. Our vegetables, flowers, herbs & natives are selected for flavor as well as early maturity, cold hardiness and disease resistance and other essential traits to help plants thrive in short seasons. At our farm in Naples, New York, we celebrate the flavors of heirlooms as we improve their productivity as well as seek out new varieties while developing our own to become the beloved heirlooms of future generations.

Fruition Seeds is the vision of Petra Page-Mann and Matthew Goldfarb, who started Fruition in 2012.

Q What are your offerings?

We offer organic seeds (vegetables, herbs and flowers) along with online classes and resources to help you start your own garden and grow your own organic food!

Q Why organic?

If you want to grow more with less, sow organic seeds. Just as your health is linked to the health of your parents, organic seeds are harvested from organic plants. Organic seeds, compared to conventional seeds, are more likely to:

-grow more extensive root systems (rather than waiting to be fed chemical, soluble nutrients like MiracleGro)
-compete with weeds (rather than waiting to be sprayed by Round Up)
-have robust immune systems to fight insects & disease (rather than be sprayed with conventional chemicals for such things)

Also, because they are not food crops, conventional seed crops are sprayed much more (and often with much harsher chemicals) than crops that are directly consumed by people.

Q Why Regionally Adapted?

The oaks that grow in New York are very different from the oaks growing in California.
Seeds adapt to the environments they grow in.

Most seeds are adapted to thrive in California, where much of our nation’s produce is grown. (Industrial food systems serve industry/business as usual, rather than regional markets.) Fruition's focus is on flavor as well as:

-early maturity (check out August Ambrosia, our super early watermelon)
-cold hardiness (check out Red Russian, our kale that overwinters uncovered)
-disease resistance (check out Brandywise, our tomato that is resistant to Late Blight, Early Blight & Septoria Leaf Spot, or Spacemaster 80, our cucumber that resists Powdery Mildew.)

If you prefer lettuce from your garden to lettuce shipped in 2,000 miles away, we’re excited for you to experience regionally adapted seed in your garden

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