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Resonance is defined as when one object sets another object into vibrational motion. Based on the wisdom of plant spirit healing,  Resonance Apothecary creates vibrational medicine tools that act as tuning forks for the frequency of health and vitality.  Everything in these special creations has spirit. They have been blessed through prayer, intentions, meditation and the imprint of unconditional love. Then they are charged with sound frequencies, sacred geometry and the vibration is raised with the assistance of specific plant allies. These blends are intended to support you with making an offering, blessing, preparing your space for ritual and aligning you with your highest state of being. 

Mixed with different corresponding essential oils, herbs and flower essences this medicine is used to clear your own energy field, improve mood, to prepare for spiritual work or just simply to cleanse any physical area. They are a reminder to pause, take a deep breath, tune in and center yourself in the present moment. Allow yourself to remember that breath is life and life is breath. Everything included is based on an understanding of the vibratory energetic nature of this quantum reality where thoughts and emotions manifest into physical matter.

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