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Hello, I’m Tammy and I’m an Actress, Author, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Teacher, and Jeweler.

As a young girl, when I wasn’t reading or acting, I was exploring Rocky Mountain terrain with my horse and my dog. We roamed the wilderness in total freedom, and I learned many basic survival skills, how to deeply meditate and connect with spirit, and how to feel the life force energy that runs through all things. I learned how to communicate with my spirit guides as well as with the spirits of the animals, trees, plants, and rocks, and how to read the signs that were shown me. I learned to heal.

As an adult, I added Reiki to my Shamanic skills and have become a Reiki Master. I have studied other forms of energy healing and have achieved master levels in them, and I simply find that Reiki is best suited to me. Reiki works directly with the life force that flows through all things, and I am amazed and delighted at how powerfully Reiki works with Shamanism.

Q What is Therapeutic Shamanism?

Therapeutic Shamanism operates at where Shamanism and psychotherapy meet. It is concerned with empowering and enabling the “client” as much as possible. The practitioner works with the client, to enable the client to become their own shamanic practitioner. The client is encouraged to enter their own shamanic consciousness, meet their own guides and helpers, and find their own answers. The practitioner is there to help the client recover their own spiritual authority, power, and wholeness.

The practice also draws deeply from principles in person-centered counseling, of treating clients with respect, empathy, and honesty. It is embedded in the understanding of ethics and power issues that one hundred years of psychotherapy have given us. Its core principles are gentleness, awareness, empowering, and enabling.

Core to practice, drawing from body-centered psychotherapy, is a deep understanding of the wisdom of the body and body symptoms. From shamanism comes a deep sense of resonance with nature, and the aliveness and interconnectedness of all things. From both traditions comes a profound understanding of energy and consciousness.

Therapeutic Shamanism can be used for personal healing, help with life issues, raising self-awareness, personal and spiritual development, and much more.

Q What is Reiki?

Reiki is an alternative healing modality developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. The word Reiki comes from “Rei” meaning spiritual or higher power, and “Ki”, sometimes known as “Chi”, meaning life force energy. Combined, Reiki means “spiritually guided life force energy”.

A Reiki Master will teach students by giving them a series of 1, 2 or 3 attunements, opening them up to receive and channel high vibrating life force energy, and by teaching them how to use this energy to heal themselves and others.

Reiki is not a religion; there are no priests, no hierarchies, no sacred texts, no sects or factions, no external moral injunctions. It is based on a direct and immediate personal connection with spiritually guided life force energy.

A Reiki practitioner has been attuned to collect high vibrating and healing energy and then channel it into your body. You are the healer; you are the one who commands the energy where to go and what to do. A Reiki practitioner may guide you and help you, but you alone are the one who decides to receive the energy, and you alone are the one who decides to heal yourself with the energy.

Q How does reiki work?

We have 7 major chakras, various minor chakras, and energy meridians in our body though which the life force energy flows. We are all, each of us, made of this life force energy. We emit it and we receive it, and it flows though our body nurturing us. Much like the blood in our veins.

When this flow is blocked, our life force energy becomes low and we feel unwell. This feeling of unwell will first manifest itself as negative emotions, which lead to unwanted life situations, as we attract what we emit. Left unblocked and unhealed, it may lead to eventual psychological and physical unwellness.

Reiki is an excellent method for clearing these blockages, removing negative energies, and bringing a healthy and fresh flow of life force energy, leading to wellness.

Reiki is a natural method of personal and spiritual healing and self-improvement. Reiki may also be used to help with life issues, raising self-awareness, and much more.

Everyone is capable of receiving and/or being attuned and learning to channel life force energy. It is something that we instinctively knew and used long ago and have forgotten over time. Thanks to Mikao Usui, we are (re) learning Reiki as an easy and familiar experience; a kind of spiritual homecoming to awareness and wellness.

Q Who are reiki attunements for?

-For those of you who desire to simply be more connected and to enhance your personal life experience
-For those of you who desire to heal yourselves and your family
-For those of you who desire to become a Reiki Healer
-For those of you who desire to become a Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Healer

Q Can you teach me how to become a Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master?


Our world is changing and we are changing. It is essential now more than ever before that we have well trained Shamanic Practitioners and Healers to help pave the way to a healthier tomorrow for ourselves, for all living beings, and for our planet.

I am delighted to teach others to be Shamanic Practitioners and Reiki Practitioners. This is the combination that works well for me. This is the combination I have been teaching students for several years now. If you feel called to study with me and if I feel called to teach you, we will do beautiful work together.

It is a path not to be taken lightly. It is a path that will change your life, throw you into some turbulent moments and some moments of great joy. It is a path that will bring you good health, clarity of mind, and greater confidence. It is a path where you will get to know yourself like never before. There will be great challenges along the way. There will be much learning and much healing.You will learn to find your place of peace, joy, and harmony. You will heal yourself and then you will be ready to heal the world.

The course is broken down into 3 sections. In each section you will receive a Reiki attunement and lessons on how to practice Shamanism and Reiki Healing. There will be books to read, I will share my knowledge with you, and you will be asked to practice the techniques you learn. At the end of the final section, you will receive a Reiki Master and Teacher Certificate and you will be fully able to practice Shamanism.

The course normally takes about a year to complete. You are most welcome to take more time if needed.

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